August 25, 2010

Old Friends

What is more comforting than an old friend? I mean a really old friend, like as in knowing each other through marriages, careers, children. Most importantly having been there when you were both fresh faced and young, desperately pondering if  you would ever figure it all out. I saw just such a friend the other day. Seeing her is as comfortable as putting on my favorite robe and tucking in with a delightful book. Our history makes our present all the more awe inspiring, horrifying and  grounding. I treasure my friendship with her aware that  these types of friends are few and far between. Having lost my oldest and most beloved friend from childhood nine years ago I relish the few relationships I still have in this category. It's one thing to have old friends and acquaintances. It's another thing to care.


  • P.F. Morgan

    Linley, the depth of emotions that you convey in a few beautifully chosen words is awe inspiring. Your words causing out bursts of laughter when reading about you waving “Hi” to your neighbors while sitting on the “can”in your tiny Paris apartment, to tears smarting ones eyes, when reading about the meaning and value of true, long friendships. Don’t stop. Keep your beautiful words flowing.

  • nancy

    I like this entry a lot too. I feel fortunate to be one of your friends.
    I like the flow of the posts. They are just pouring out and it’s easy to enjoy them.

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