February 3, 2014

The Family Dinner

The Family Dinner Cookbook

The Family Dinner

This morning started out with workout clothes on, the school run and absolutely no drive to get out of the car and workout WHATSOEVER. Call it fatigue, too much rain, February blahs, it’s all so pedestrian but the raging truth. Tossed in the backseat of the car were two cookbooks I had brought along to scan in the grocery store parking lot for tonight’s dinner.

First off, The Family Dinner by Laurie David. 

For some reason I was motivated to pull into the school lot and start paging through The Family Dinner, hoping that during my reading interlude somehow, somewhere the energy/desire/motivation to go and workout would bubble from the inside out and take me where I needed to go. Two hours later, happily tucked into Costa with a massive cappuccino at my side I discovered newfound motivation for my family’s dinner and for myself.

Laurie David writes with warmth, sincerity, humor and refreshing honesty. Feeding our children is one of the all time top responsibilities and guilt inducer  that is bestowed by genetic pre-conditioning mostly on us mothers. I have three children to feed. The oldest has been the poster child for picky eaters since he was three. Before that he would eat anything. Then one night at a  dinner party I sat next to a man who commented that his 5-year-old would only eat  fast food from McDonald’s. I assumed he was being facetious .

“What do your children eat?” he questioned.

“We  have one so far, and he will eat pretty much everything.”

“Just wait, that will go away.”

I swear that ogre put a hex on me because one month later food refusal began and has never changed to this day. The other two kiddies are average eaters, i.e., feeding everyone is WORK.

I love Laurie David’s book and what it represents. Thank you Laurie!



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