Walking London

April 6, 2013

2013-06-06 19.53.42
I adore paper, handmade, colored, watercolor, you name it, before you is a bona fide paperholic. My navigational radar seeking the endless quest is always engaged. SatNav went off at Elizabeth Street in front of the divine and yummy Grosvenor Stationery Company. With sorbet colors and hand painted edging it was enough to make a paperholic do a happy dance through Belgravia. Though letters are becoming a quaint relic of the past is there anyone who doesn’t love opening the post box to find a gorgeous hand-lettered envelope inside? What better way is there to set the tone of a party than by the arrival of a beautiful invitation?

March 10, 2013

Flaneur – Unexpected discoveries on a wandering idle.

As is often the case, my best discoveries occur in the most unexpected places. The day began at Daylesford Organic with two of the freshest eggs ever poached, served with crispy, toasty “soldiers”. “Soldiers” being the narrow , sliced strips of fresh bread that are dipped into the eggs. It is a breakfast that I was unfamiliar with until my daughter’s dear friend Shirley introduced it to us after a sleepover a couple of years ago. It immediately became a favorite in our household so why not try it at gorgeous breakfast makers? It did not disappoint.

Daylesford Organic has the soothing color scheme and pulse of thoughtful calm that makes me want to move in. Some call it posh country. I call it divine. After wandering through the vegetable and bread section, scouring every cookbook on their shelves and examining the tabletop selection, it was time to continue my journey. This is where I undoubtedly and without fail get lost. In typical American style I asked the nearest passer-byer where Elizabeth Street was. “Oh yes, go straight up *&%^$, then turn left at gobblede gook, make a sharp turn just as you see the corner, then left then right then left , and your right there.” As I flaneured down gobblede gook here is what appeared on my left.


Upon closer inspection
and one door down

There’s real gold in flaneuring.

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